Artwork by Dan Boyer of Wild Kingdumb

I don't know about you, but thinking about my goals kind of intimidates me. I've never really let myself just sit down and figure out what my specific goals are. You know, I mean beyond the generic "Oh, I just want to be happy" goal- that doesn't really MEAN anything.

With this new chapter of my life- or maybe sub-chapter? Chapter sounds like I'm starting over, when this is really a new adventure, on top of everything else going on in my life! But I digress- anyway, with the opening of Lucy & Larry and this blog, really for the first time, I forced myself to establish some goals. I figured if I didn't have goals, what was the point of doing all of this? 

So, here goes! 11 goals for Lucy & Larry in 2011:

I plan to re-visit these goals at the end of each month to see where I stand. What do you think of my goals? What are yours?
  1. Publish a blog post twice a week (I have some work to do here)!
  2. Post on Facebook and Twitter at least once per day (...I have some work to do here too).
  3. Quality, not quantity: I want to make every post a quality one- if I can't meet my first two goals above, I don't want to post something just for the sake of doing it.
  4. Add items to my shop every 2-3 days, if not every day. Keep things fresh!
  5. I'd like to be "out of debt" by the end of March. I'm not really in debt, mind you, but I did calculate what I'm referring to as my start-up costs. This includes all my packaging materials, my stamp, my domain name, things of that nature. I'd like to be at least even with these costs by the end of this month- I'm about 2/3 of the way there!
  6. Sell 10 items per month- through Etsy. I would feel more confident that I could reach this number if I included my in-person sales (a.k.a. friends! love you guys), but doing it through Etsy (a.k.a. strangers who don't necessarily love or even like me!) would really make me happy.
  7. Make something for myself each month. I deserve something pretty too, at least every once in a while!
  8. Support the crafting community by making my own purchase on Etsy at least once a month. I am only about 1,000% confident that I will achieve this goal :)
  9. Read a book each month. I wish I felt like I could push this to two books per month: one non-fiction and one fiction, but that might get difficult in the busy summer months up ahead. I'll give myself bonus points for that.
  10. Learn at least three new skills over the course of 2011. I taught myself to crochet in December (a future blog post, perhaps) and just the feeling of success after finally mastering something (and by mastering I mean making something that looks just good enough that I won't embarrass myself when I wear it in public) is just amazing! On my short list: working with ICE Resin, soldering, metal stamping, and actually learning how to use the Silhouette I purchased on a Black Friday deal.
  11. Take a class. You might think this goes along with Goal #10, but it's not really- those things I'll figure out myself with books, the interwebs and YouTube. I do that too often- I want to take the time to actually interact with someone and learn face-to-face. I'm thinking glass fusing- anyone with me???