Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Items - BASEBALL Leather Wrap Bracelets

I just added a trio of new items to my shop- baseball-themed leather wrap bracelets, perfect for the baseball fan or softball player in your life!  All three available now at Lucy & Larry!

I was inspired to make these after I was asked to make a bracelets as gifts for a couple girls who just finished their high school softball careers.  Complete in team colors!

I love these vintage baseball buttons!


  1. Love these baseball bracelets! I'm going to make a similar one but in tripple row form. I have a tutorial on how to make wrap bracelets and tripple wrap bracelets. For a more professional look you don't have to do all that weaving at the beggining and end! The thread will stay in place and your bracelets will come out looking alot nicer!

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