Friday Faves #6

Crafts 'n Things & Flea Market Style
Don't you love when you buy a magazine you've never read before and end up loving it? Take that level of enjoyment and double it, and that's what happened to me last weekend. I picked up two new magazines on a whim and honestly loved both.

Crafts 'n Things is filled cover-to-cover with fun projects spanning all different areas of crafts- jewelry, paper crafts, sewing, re-purposing, painting, you name it, it's in there! The projects I want to tackle include the beach scene terrarium as seen on the cover, glass mosaics, and a really neat treasure box made from a wine bottle. 

Flea Market Style is filled with pretty pictures of houses and rooms that fill me with envy. I must make a better effort to get out to some flea markets and score myself some vintage treasures! FMS gave me an idea of things I should be on the lookout for and of course also has some project ideas as well. Visit the Flea Market Style Blog here!

Captain America
The aforementioned magazines are good enough tips for me to stop here this week, but then I thought about it and came to the realization that a Lucy & Larry Friday Faves just isn't complete without its weekly dose of geekdom. So let me tell you this: I. Love. Captain. America. And I do mean the movie, not just Chris Evans. Although he is definitely included in that statement.

What? Give a girl a break! :)