If TV Shows Were Boyfriends

I love TV. That might not be an earth-shattering declaration, but here's the problem: I'm way too loyal to the shows I choose to watch. This realization hit me as I caught myself hoping that certain shows would be canceled so that I could stop watching them, because I'm incapable of walking away from them on my own (this wish came true with Brothers & Sisters last year- now I'm rooting for at least The Office to follow suit). Committing to a television show is a big decision. So big, in fact, that I would argue that the process of determining which TV shows to watch is similar to entering a romantic entanglement.

The Summer Fling
Some relationships are short and sweet, with a beginning and an end, and will always be looked back on fondly. These TV shows didn't last very long- just a few seasons- but had enough of a following that they were allowed enough time to give its deserving fans some closure. For me, these series include The O.C. and Chuck. They share a special place in my heart.

I miss you guys!!!
The worst possible scenario: you are ready to take the plunge, only to have your heart crushed when you find out your feelings aren't reciprocated. These are the shows that went unappreciated- the quality is there, but for one reason or another, you seemed to be the only person watching. I have gone through this particular type of devastation twice thus far. Recently, the loss of Lone Star after just two episodes broke my heart. But here's the one that really hurt: back in 2005, I was sucked into a murder mystery called Reunion that followed The O.C. This show chronicled the lives of a group of six friends, each episode covering one year between their high school graduation and twenty-year reunion where one of them was murdered. Reunion was canceled after nine episodes. Before the identity of the murderer was ever revealed. I'm still not over it.

Stuck in a Rut
Every once in a while, you find yourself stuck. The relationship is comfortable and familiar- not exciting enough to be love, not boring enough to call it quits. These are the shows you find yourself watching out of habit. This is where The Office falls, ever since the departure of Steve Carell's Michael Scott. No one can carry that show like he did. Until recently, my once-beloved Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl had fallen into this category as well- but it seems that we're rebounding. We're working through our difficulties and headed back towards green pastures.

Just In Time
These relationships almost never happened because you didn't notice them at first, but when you finally saw the light, you wonder what took you so long. Dexter and Shameless are two shows I caught up on just in time- but they aren't the best examples, since a subscription to Showtime is necessary. A better one is Parks and Recreation. After ignoring it the first couple of seasons, I couldn't resist it any longer after catching snippets here and there following 30 Rock. I am just so thankful that NBC stuck with this show despite its lackluster start and gave it a chance to come together. It just might be the best comedy on TV right now.

The One That Got Away
There's always the one that got away. For me, this show is The Big Bang Theory. Where was I when this show came on the air and what was I watching instead? Probably Reunion (bazinga!). And how did I not really notice it until late 2011? Due to my stupid loyalties to NBC's Thursday night lineup and American Idol, I can't DVR the new episodes. I try to catch re-runs as much as possible- thanks, TBS!- but it's just not the same. I feel like a phony. I don't enjoy being a late adopter.

The One That Is The One
Once in a blue moon, you get lucky. You find someone who makes you happy, allowing you to at last commit to a long-lasting love affair. This is what American Idol is for me. Does it have its flaws? Of course- what relationship doesn't? I nearly gave up on the show before Carrie Underwood came along, and shiny new objects like The Voice tried to steal me away (I flirted with it last year, but just can't make enough room in my heart- or on my DVR- when it goes head-to-head against Idol). Ten years later, I still choose you, American Idol.

I'll never forget a moment like this (get it?)