Too Much Linsanity

Linsanity has finally gone too far.

First, there was the rookie card that sold for a mere $21,580.

I mean, OK. That is a lot of money. But it's not the first time someone has chosen to drop that kind of cash on a graded, autographed, jersey patch rookie card instead of trying really, really hard to find something else to spend it on.
But now, there's this.


Seriously, people? Have you no shame?!

The posting has THANKFULLY been removed, but apparently the seller explained in the description how he happened to obtain the undies (the grammatical errors are his, not mine):

"My brothers friend went to Harvard and was in the same dorm, got his boxers from the dryer on accident. Got them from him for $100 because hes stupid. Buy now and these could be worth alot in the future."