Idol recap: 13 becomes 12

America got it really, really close... but not quite right.

The bottom four were exactly who they should be: Jermaine, Jeremy, Elise and Shannon. I fully expected Jermaine and Elise to be revealed as the bottom dwellers, partly due to the stank attitudes they both revealed last night. It annoys me- teenagers Jeremy and Shannon are able to handle their criticism so graciously, and they can't?

The most interesting moment, however, was when Jermaine was sent back to safety. Did you notice?? NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THE COUCH WELCOMED HIM BACK. The other contestants couldn't be bothered to even pretend to like Jermaine- and why would they, the way he whooped his approval at the result, without even a glance in the direction of the other three waiting to hear their fate. It was a stark contrast to the pure unadulterated joy that erupted from the couch when Ryan Seacrest announced that Joshua and Erika would both be back next week.

Catch it again here if you missed it, or if you're like me and enjoy the awkwardness- skip ahead to the 1:00 mark:

Given the options, sending Jeremy home was the right choice.

....actually, no. The right choice would have been to bring Johnny Keyser back (I hear you yelling at me to give it up already and move on but I'm choosing to ignore you) instead of Jermaine. He definitely shouldn't get too comfortable. And Elise, learn to turn that frown upside down.