Idol recap: Top 12- no, Top 11

I'm going to save the Jermaine Jones discussion for another day, as performance nights should be dedicated to the performers (plus, the whole "drama" just kind of disgusts me). Will we even have an elimination tonight? Should Jeremy have been allowed to sing again this week? Did you wish, as I did, that more contestants sang songs that were actually from the year they were born, not songs that were covered in the year they were born? And HOW AWESOME was J-Lo last night??? That's not sarcasm. I seriously loved her.

Moving on...

  • Deandre Brackensick ("Endless Love")
    Ditto what J-Lo said about Deandre. He sang it well and it was pretty, but I think it might have been too mature for him- I just don't think a 17-year-old should be singing about eternal love. I wish he stuck with The Lion King song (it could have been a beautiful moment, especially with his hair mimicking Simba's mane).
  • Erika Van Pelt ("Heaven")
    EVP is beginning to frustrate me. WE NEED MORE! GIVE US MORE!!! I'm glad she was finally dressed in something other than an old prom dress and I'm still Team EVP, but she's a lock for the Bottom 3 at the very least.
  • Shannon Magrane ("One Sweet Day")
    I also was terrified for Shannon when they said she was singing this song, but unlike the judges, I'm not sure I ever became comfortable enough to be able to truly enjoy it. I give her props for being brave enough to tackle another big song after her little mishap last week... but I just still don't think she's as great as the judges make her out to be. I really don't think she's ready for this stage.

    "She should have been told to wait 5 years before auditioning again and then been told in 5 years that there's nothing special about her voice." -- Anna

  • Heejun Han ("Right Here Waiting")
    Yes! Thank you Jimmy & first, for telling Heejun he needs to finish his phrases, and second, for that hilarious discussion about Heejun asking for Fergie's phone number ("he didn't ask if she was married, he asked for her phone number!"). Unfortunately, I can't disagree with the criticism he received.

  • Colton Dixon ("Broken Heart")
    If you can't sing original songs, why not sing songs no one has heard before- especially when you sound this good singing them? I vote keep it up. But maybe eat a couple cheeseburgers, Colton? Your legs are about to disappear.
  • Skylar Laine ("Love Sneakin' Up On You")
    This girl knows what she's doing, doesn't she? Good for her to sticking to her guns (not literally, I'm sure she must have a few) about her song choice.
  • Jessica Sanchez ("Turn the Beat Around")
    This is what I think: the judges gave her a little bit of criticism for the sole purpose of riling up the masses so that they remember to vote for her. Come on Steven- you know if she stuck to ballads, you'd be telling her to change things up a little
  • Elise Testone ("Let's Stay Together")
    She's baaack- and with a smile, even! But seriously, I didn't really need the baby-making jokes.

  • Phillip Phillips ("Hard to Handle")
    You'd never know he was less than a week out of surgery. It also goes to show how much confidence Uncle Nigel has in the guy, having him lead off despite not being 100%.
  • Hollie Cavanagh ("The Power of Love")
    Her last note could have been stronger, but that was probably one of the silly little things not worth mentioning that J-Lo was referring to. She's still green, but if she stays in the competition long enough and keeps improving, she could really be something special by the end of the season.

  • Joshua Ledet ("When A Man Loves A Woman")
    Preach! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the judges start their standing ovation halfway through the song- not that he didn't deserve it- and nearly lost it at the sight of J-Lo literally jumping up and down with glee. Priceless.

MENTOR GRADE got off to a good start but ended up as comic relief. I give him a C.

"I bet the people who made Watson could make a Randy Jackson robot. That robot would be much more entertaining because at least when he says the same thing over and over again it would be in a robot voice." -- Anna

Shannon Magrane

My best guess for the Bottom 3 is Erika, Deandre and Heejun, with EVP taking the fall (if anyone goes home at all). Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!