Top 13 Revealed!

This season of American Idol is looking promising, and I am excited. I am as happy as I could possibly be with the group of finalists without being given the power to hand-select all 13 spots myself. The results show left me with only three questions:
  1. I thought it might happen, but it doesn't mean I understand: How did Jermaine get voted in? Did people get confused and think they were voting for Johnny Keyser?

  2. Why did the judges waste a sing-for-your-life opportunity on Brielle over Hallie Day?

  3. Why isn't Jimmy Iovine one of the judges? Every single one of his 5-second evalutions were better than anything the actual judges have ever offered us. On that note...

"We desperately need originality on this show. Phil Phillips has that. I'd sign this guy on the spot."


"Chase is a good looking guy, but there are plenty of those on TV right now. To win on this show, you have to bring something fresh, original, and exciting- and I saw none of that."

I was going to try to pick a Top 5, but after Phillip Phillips, I just couldn't narrow it down. Instead, I'll root for Jermaine and Shannon to go home the next two weeks, then hope for the best for everyone else.