Monday, May 21, 2012

Tomorrow's AI finale: A few thoughts

A few thoughts going into tomorrow's final performance show:
  • Let's all remind ourselves that American Idol is on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I finally got used to it being on Wednesday/Thursday and now they do this to me. What if I had made other plans, Uncle Nigel? Don't laugh.
  • I am shocked that Jessica made it into the finale over Joshua. Shocked. But, good for her. It's not that she doesn't deserve it. She better bring it.
  • Remember last year's BIG SCARE that Lauren Alaina might be too sick to perform in the finale? I guffawed then and I guffawed now. Not to make light of illness, but c'mon. That was clearly exaggerated to add some drama. If they had some medical authority on hand then to discuss her health issues, what are they going to do for Phillip Phillips? Have an ambulance parked on stage? Seriously though, I am concerned this time after news broke that his kidneys are so bad he actually needs emergency surgery. Hopefully he's making a safe decision by continuing on with the show.
  • The emptiness of American Idol being over will be quickly filled by Thursday's season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. Who else is excited???
  • THE SING-OFF WAS CANCELLED? NOOOOOO!!! (This is me being seriously upset).
Anna lamented to me the other night how much more exciting a Joshua/Skylar finale would have been, and I have to agree. But regardless, I anxiously await tomorrow night's show and leave you with this:


  1. So when it was all said and done, I have to admit...I didn't vote. I couldn't!!! I was so conflicted. I had so wanted Jessica to win and just kill it in the finale--just for something different!!! But then...those last two was just all over! I couldn't vote for Jessica because her last song was miserable, and Phillip's was AMAZING! He's so talented! And I have to wonder if maybe he'll be better off NOT winning? Daughtry style? Honestly it's like apples and oranges!

    Thus, I didn't vote. Excited for tonight though!

  2. Oh--post-AI blog suggestions: 1) Why do people keep hiring Lindsay Lohan? She's painful. And 2) well...I had one and now I can't think of it.

  3. Confession time... I didn't vote a single time this entire season!

    Anne, is your Lindsay Lohan reference about Glee? I read she was a nightmare on the set too. It's a good question. Also, you must watch SYTYCD too??

  4. Sorry :-( Bobby banned So You Think (Etc) because of that loud, awful lady! And yes, her Glee performance....her SNL performance...I'm horrified she's going to play Liz Taylor!