Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance: Ranking the Top 20

Uncle Nigel! Cat Deeley! Mary Murphy! Zooey Desch- oh, whatever. So You Think You Can Dance is BACK!!!

This is really an impossible ranking at this point, but what the hey. Might as well give it a shot. I reserve the right to change this completely next week.

The Girls:
  1. Witney Carson
  2. Alexa Anderson
  3. Eliana Girard
  4. Lindsay Arnold
  5. Janelle Issis
  6. Audrey Case
  7. Tiffany Maher
  8. Amelia Lowe
  9. Janaya French
  10. Amber Jackson

The Boys:
  1. Cole Horibe
  2. Cyrus Spencer
  3. Brandon Mitchell
  4. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
  5. George Lawrence II
  6. Daniel Baker
  7. Dareian Kujawa
  8. Matthew Kazmierczak
  9. Nick Bloxsom-Carter
  10. Will Thomas

Favorite Dance of the Night:

"Resolve" - Nathan Lanier 
{How I wish I could embed a video of this dance in this space right now!} There were several great moments, but picking my personal favorite of the night is an easy choice: the baseball dance. I'm biased, but the clever way Christopher Scott managed to choreograph three stunningly different dancers alone would have done it- Cole, the martial artist; Cyrus, the animator; and Brandon, the stepper. Amazing.

So. This is going to be a great season. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

P.S. Did you catch that the MLB All-Star Game is coming up on FOX on July 10th? Must have been all that subliminal messaging.


  1. Aaaaaah! Sounds awesome. Interesting rankings. I can't wait to watch this episode...probably not until tomorrow. :( Also, I love your (new?) blog heading. See you soon!

  2. You'll have to tell me where you agree/disagree after you watch! It's really pointless right now though when we haven't really seen half the dancers. But whatever. And thank you- I tweaked the blog a little bit over the weekend!

  3. You and I are pretty close on the girls (though I would put Eliana first). But we are WAY OFF on the boys. I like the ballerinas (what do you call male ballerinas?) the best, and I'm a big fan of some of the others you have in your bottom half. So excited for this season! Cole Horibe definitely has the best name.

  4. I think you call them ballet dancers? Haha. I had Chehon #1 until that last dance made me put those three guys ahead of him. That might have been unfair.