SYTYCD Recap: Top 8

Things I loved about the opening of the show: Cat Deeley's lacy black dress, Chehon's mint green jeans (don't try this at home, boys) and the realization that Jesse Tyler Ferguson would be the guest judge this evening. He should just be a permanent judge. I wonder if he'd be great on American Idol too? I'm sure he would. Let's give him the job! But I digress. 

Best. Judge. Ever.

Remember last week how I discovered the judges (particularly Uncle Nigel) really telegraphed the results in their critiques? I'm going to try to guess this time.

Witney & All-Star Twitch - East Coast Hip-Hop
She really sold that, didn't she? There was nothing about that performance that would make anyone suspicious she was anything but a hip-hop dancer, much less actually a ballroom dancer. The judges lavished her with praise and Nigel even mentioned saving her previously, so I'm guessing she is safe tonight. She should be. Unless he brought up saving her because... no, she has to be safe, right?

Cole & All-Star Allison - Contemporary
This number once again let Cole show off his strength and ability to really get deep into a character. But has he really had his technique challenged yet? I enjoyed Jesse Tyler Ferguson's critique that it seemed like an American Horror Story promo, because that is right on (how CREEPY have those teasers been, by the way!?). The judges comments leave me feeling comfortable that Cole is safe tonight as well. His solo just might have been the best of the night, too- he packed everything he could into the little time allotted.

Eliana & All-Star Ryan - Quickstep
Board housewife wants attention? Haven't we seen this story a few times on this show already? Regardless, for a dance that has been the kiss of death for so many contestants, Eliana seemed to have no trouble with it at all. It's so easy for her, it's almost not fair. She must be safe.

Lindsay & All-Star Alex - Jazz
How awesome is it to have Alex Wong back on the show? It might be the show's greatest tragedy that he never got to make it through a season as a competitor. I didn't buy the chemistry at all. For sure. The judges agree and the somber critiques foreshadow that Lindsay will be in trouble. With her so-so solo (ballroom solos are tough enough, you can't waste any time getting into it, girl!), I believe she might be done.

Will & All-Star Lauren - Hip-hop
I like goofy Will, but serious Will isn't so bad either. He showed in his solo he could take things seriously too (was that the first solo we've seen from him?) so it was great seeing this side of him, although it would have been nice to see him do some more partnering with Lauren. Nigel told him that he didn't believe he had to worry about feeling down tonight. Safe?

Cyrus & All-Star Melanie - Jazz
Nigel didn't even try to pretend that Cyrus had a chance at being in the bottom this week. So he's safe. But now I'm confused because I seem to think everybody (except Lindsay) so far is safe. The worst part about him being safe all the time is that we haven't gotten to see him do his thing in WEEKS! So amazing. i just don't understand how anyone can move like that. P.S. I was reminded why I adored Melanie last season. She is fantastic.

Chehon & All-Star Anya - Tango
Ballroom is funny. I was thinking that although beautiful, it was the least tangoey tango I had ever seen, and wouldn't you know it, they get a standing ovation. He has to be safe too? I'm so confused.

Tiffany & All-Star Ade - Contemporary
SHE IS SO RIGHT about this being a song that's impossible not to sing along with... even though it's impossible to sing it properly (note to Anna, my Celine-loving friend: make sure you watch this intro video when you eventually return from beautiful Ireland and watch this episode). You can't not have an amazing performance to a song like this.

Ranking the Top 8:
  1. Chehon
  2. Cole (saved!)
  3. Eliana
  4. Witney (saved!)
  5. Will
  6. Tiffany
  7. Cyrus
  8. Lindsay

Results & Who Should Go Home:
They tricked me! I had a feeling that Cole might slip into the bottom instead of Cyrus, since he's just too darn loveable... but Nigel promised Will he wouldn't feel down tonight. And then he eliminates him? That seems cruel. But, I am of course thrilled they kept Cole. The girls were easier to call.

Judges don't get a save next week. My guess? Tiffany's standing ovation secures her a spot in the finale and if Witney fans rally to make up for her almost being eliminated the past two weeks and she gets the added benefit of Lindsay's votes, there might be a little upset. It seems like Cyrus can do no wrong, and with Chehon's emotional night (bonus points for mom!) he just might make it in over Cole. Sigh. They all deserve to make it!

But seriously. Shouldn't they just make Jesse Tyler Ferguson a permanent judge? ALL ABOARD THE HOT JALAPENO BUS!!! And can we have NEIL back as an All-Star next week!? Maybe Kent? And the other Lauren? Those are my wishes.