My Favorite Super Bowl Ads

While I found the ads disappointing overall- do the majority of advertisers believe that the people who watch the Super Bowl are really, really dumb?- there were still a few highlights. The big loser has to be Go Daddy, whose ad resulted in my Twitter feed becoming overloaded with tips on how to move your domain away from them (unless there really is no such thing as bad publicity?).

There was one spot, for me, that was head and shoulders above the rest, and not just because it featured giant horses (get it?). The Clydesdales spots for Budweiser are always a personal favorite, but this year's ad is truly something special. I'm not ashamed to admit I fight back tears every time I watch this.

Tide's "Miracle Stain" spot had me wondering where it was headed at first, but the twist at the end made it pretty great.

This almost seems unfair, and I still love my Apple products, but Samsung's ad with Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd rounds out my top three. "Celebrity endorsements. Very, very big. You guys know anybody?"

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to Oreo. Although its ad was a dud, it more than made up for it with a very well-timed Tweet and exemplified one of the many reasons why I love social media. Whoever did this definitely deserves a raise.

Do you agree with my picks? Did I miss any other great ads?