SYTYCD Season 10: Top 14 Recap

Finally a guest judge I can get excited about- Anna Kendrick! <3 I just know she is going to be fantastic. I also really need to watch Pitch Perfect again (again).

The bottom six dancers are revealed to be Nico, Curtis, Alan, Alexis, MAKENZIE, and JASMINE!? Nigel lets the boys go without any solos (which really makes it seem like the injured Curtis will be heading home), but I'm more surprised that Makenzie was sent back to safety and while Jasmine was actually asked for a solo, along with Alexis. This should be an easy one to call. I'm pretty confident I guessed these results correctly.

Jenna & Tucker - Hip-hop (Luther Brown)
I hate that these two are the first to go. This was definitely a more hard-hitting piece than the jazzy hip-hop they did a couple of weeks ago. It was better than I expected it to be, although it didn't seem to be the most challenging choreography (easy for me to say). I do worry that the combination of going first and lackluster feedback will have both Jenna and Tucker in the bottom next week.

Alexis & Nico - Contemporary (Sonya Tayeh)
I kind of liked these two for the first time tonight- definitely their strongest performance on the show, by far (except for Alexis in the tap dancing number during "meet the top 20" week)- although I still don't think I liked it as much as everybody else. I have no reason to believe this wasn't Alexis' last dance on the show (over Jasmine Harper, when she already knocked out Jasmine Mason? NO FREAKING WAY) but I'm happy for her that she'll end her run on a high note. Also, Anna Kendrick has already provided more value in her comments than Carly Rae Jepsen did the entire time last week.

Hayley & Curtis - Argentine Tango (Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)
Hayley might have really lucked out here having a professional dancer partner instead of Curtis on this tango! I can't imagine Curtis handling that series of lifts at the end of this performance. She was definitely amazing. But do people vote for this type of performance? Maybe not.

Makenzie & Paul - Jazz (Sonya Tayeh)
These two just became my favorites. They've been growing on me week after week and I am finally ready to put them at the top of my list. I don't understand why Makenzie keeps ending up in the bottom. Sigh... I might have to start voting. OK, I did it. Love, love, love both Makenzie and Paul.

Jasmine & Aaron - Contemporary (Justin Giles)
I still love these two, but I am feeling good about my decision to put Makenzie and Paul at the top of my favorites. I loved this choreography and I was nervously watching the apple the entire time. I hope Anna gets her piggyback ride later... Aaron should take full advantage of this opportunity. And hey, I realize Jasmine was supposed to be a tree, but I'm going to pretend they took my note from last week that she looks amazing in green.

Amy & Fik-shun - Hip-hop (Christopher Scott)
I was just about to write that these two always play the same characters (except for pasa doble week, I suppose) when Uncle Nigel stole my thunder. Time for them to do something way different next week! How about the waltz or something?

Malece & Alan - Salsa (Jonathan Platero)
Perhaps I'm sipping on the Malece haterade (I am), but I really felt like Alan managed to outshine her tonight. Naturally, the judges don't make an issue of that. It was so great to see Alan really enjoying himself! All those lifts- Jonathan really took advantage of having a big strong guy and tiny 80 pound girl as his dancers. OH did Anna Kendrick just say these two should make a baby!? Hilarious. I love her.

Both group numbers were great, in completely different ways. Spencer Liff's pool hall dance was so much fun (and loved seeing him perform, too!), while Bonnie Story's anti-bullying number was so timely and powerful.

But back to my favorite Anna Kendrick. She is amazing, isn't she? I hope they bring her back. I hope they put her on American Idol. I hope she hosts the Oscars (that'll never happen). I hope they put her on everything. Have I mentioned I love her? I would really like to go back and rank my favorite comments that she made, but I should probably go to bed soon.

The Elimination:
Well, that was straight to the point, and no surprises here. I finally guessed right. See ya Alexis and Curtis.

Favorite Performance:
Spencer Liff's group performance was a close second, but I had to go with what cemented my decision about who my favorite dancers are this season.

The Girls:
  1. Makenzie Dustman
  2. Jasmine Harper
  3. Jenna Johnson
  4. Amy Yakima
  5. Hayley Erbert
  6. Malece Miller 

The Boys:
  1. Paul Karmiryan
  2. Aaron Turner
  3. Alan Bersten
  4. Fik-Shun
  5. Tucker Knox
  6. Nico Greetham

Who Should Go Home:

Yikes... this is getting really hard, guys. I guess I said that last week, but I really mean it this week. The bottom three gals will be Jenna, Hayley and Malece, and the bottom three guys will be Nico, Tucker and Alan. I have no idea who will go home. I'm not guessing. Do I have to guess? Hayley and Nico. But I have no idea.