SYTYCD Season 10: Top 18 Recap

Wow, OK. So we're starting with the elimination! Nothing like starting off on a cheery note, right? Creepy living dolls and an elimination, doesn't get any cheerier than that!

The Elimination:
The bottom six dancers are revealed: Mariah, Makenzie, Brittany, Carlos, Alan, and Jade. Alan and Makenzie are immediately sent to safety, while I expected Mariah and Carlos to have their names called first. Perhaps the judges want viewers to see them do their thing? The solos were uninspiring overall, but Carlos showed the most...


Jade has been given so many "dance for your life" opportunities already this season. I am REALLY disappointed in the decision to go with Jade over Carlos. I'm pleased with Mariah over Brittany, but I'm so upset about Carlos getting the boot that I couldn't really care less about the other decision right now. Ugh!

The Performances:
Well, let's get on to the fun part, shall we?

Hayley & Curtis - Jazz (Ray Leeper)
For someone who doesn't have a very masculine persona in real life (I wouldn't lie to you, I typed this just as Mary Murphy called him "a giggle bucket"), he is certainly a very masculine dancer. Case in point- did you see that butt grab? Yowza! And Hayley? I'm sold. But the girls are tough this season, I don't know if she can overtake my early favorites.

Jasmine H. & Aaron - Lyrical Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
Cyrus who, am I right, Jasmine?! I really like these two. There's just an element of maturity and professionalism these two have that a pair like Hayley & Curtis still lack. I do think they can give us even more.

Malece & Jade - Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan)
I was underwhelmed, but maybe I'm still mad that Jade was saved over Carlos. I just don't think this number was at the level of other Bollywood performances we've seen the past few seasons. Jade was better than I expected, but there was no "wow" moment for either dancer (except for when I first saw how sparkly their outfits were, which doesn't really count).

Alexis & Nico - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
I don't know if they were trying to trick us into thinking Alexis was actually Kathryn, but it didn't work for me. I'm kind of bummed. I really wanted to like Alexis, but I'm just not getting anything from her. These two were SO LUCKY to not be in the bottom six tonight, but I seriously doubt they will be quite so fortunate again next week.

Brittany & BluPrint - Broadway (Spencer Liff)
Does someone do a dance to this song every year? I'm pretty sure. Maybe it has to do with Brittany being cut already, which would be understandable, but the whole performance was just missing a little life. BluPrint might be in trouble next week. I've been borderline bored these last three dances, I hope it picks back up here.

Jasmine M. & Alan - Tango (Miriam & Leonardo)
I actually clapped a little at the end of this one. The level of difficulty! All those lifts! The chemistry, the acting, the storytelling! I'm finally excited! I'm rewinding and watching again!

Makenzie & Paul - Jazz (Sean Cheesman)
They had me at mad scientist and deadly fembot. First of all, I love that the guy who does all the African Jazz numbers came up with this futuristic piece. I think I really saw Paul for the first time ever and finally understand why they put him in the Top 20. Having said that... this was Makenzie's show.There was one moment where Makenzie gave this look into the camera, and right there I knew she'd be jumping up a few spots on my rankings. Get it, girrrl.

Mariah & Carlos - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
Yep, I'm still mad about Carlos being eliminated. STOP BLAMING AMERICA, JUDGES! You could have saved him over Jade!!! I can't help but wonder if there was a question about his attitude. If so, he hid it well, but I can't understand why else they would not have saved him. He could have been the next Mark or Robert. Sigh.

Amy & Fik-Shun - Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
That was a super fun little dance. I will try to get over my inclination to fight Nigel on calling Amy "the beast" (she's still not my favorite!) but I will admit I liked her very much here. Both dancers gave energetic and entertaining performances without coming off over-the-top. But here's my small issue- last week, they danced in Amy's style. This week, Fik-Shun's style. I want to see them do something completely out of both of their comfort zones next week... please.

Jenna & Tucker - Cha-cha (Dmitry Chaplin)
I don't really get Nigel for choosing this moment to call out the choreographer for not giving Jenna & Tucker something traditionally cha-cha enough, instead of actually critiquing the two dancers. Just give them their due props and have your words with Dmitry off-screen later! Instead- despite saying it wasn't the fault of the dancers- he kind of sounded like he was blaming Jenna, like she should have infused more cha-cha in the number since she is, by trade, a ballroom dancer. Not cool, Uncle Nigel, not cool.

By the way, how great was Christina Applegate as a guest judge tonight? I love the fact she obviously does her homework. I feel like I didn't care for her last season (I just searched my own blog and no, I didn't) but I suppose this goes to show I can change my mind.

Favorite Performance:

Amy & Fik-Shun were great, as were Makenzie & Paul, but I have to give Jasmine Mason and Alan Bersten the "best of the night" award. I don't applaud in my living room for the television very often, after all.

The Girls:
  1. Jasmine Mason
  2. Jasmine Harper
  3. Jenna Johnson 
  4. Amy Yakima
  5. Makenzie Dustman
  6. Hayley Erbert
  7. Mariah Spears
  8. Malece Miller 
  9. Alexis Juliano

The Boys:
  1. Aaron Turner
  2. Alan Bersten
  3. Fik-Shun
  4. Tucker Knox
  5. Curtis Holland 
  6. Paul Karmiryan
  7. Nico Greetham
  8. BluPrint
  9. Jade Zuberi

Who Should Go Home:
The bottom six will be Tucker, Nico, BluPrint, Alexis, Malece and Mariah once again. Mariah better step up her solo game next week. I was wrong last week, but I'm sticking with my same picks to go home: Nico and Alexis.