SYTYCD Season 10: Top 12 Recap (Top 10 Announced!)

The recap of last week has reminded me of how much I adore Anna Kendrick. It saddens me that she isn't back tonight. No offense, Kenny Ortega. He's alright.

The results include one big surprise, with Amy in the bottom six along with Malece and Jenna. The boys in the bottom are revealed to be Nico, Tucker, and Alan... hey! I guessed five out of six right (although my guesses for is actually going home are wrong, naturally). As much as I like Jenna, I am surprised that she is sent into the Top 10 ahead of Amy. I have to think Malece's run is over, and I wouldn't be mad about that at all (plus, Amy's solo was kind of great). I like both of these boys, though, and still wonder what the judges see in Nico that these two don't have. My guess here is that Tucker will be going home.

Hayley & Nico - Broadway (Sean Cheesman)
I did NOT recognize Nico!!! I was wondering who that random guy on stage with Hayley was. This really seemed like a Broadway-level performance- and even though I think these two are my least favorite pair, they are still pretty amazing. Those lifts- that crazy thing with Hayley's leg!? And oh, I guess now I do understand what the judges see in Nico. Touché, judges. Touché.

Malece & Alan - Jazz (Mandy Moore)
Oh, Alan. I just enjoy this big, dorky, emotional kid. I'm going to give Malece a compliment! The old Hollywood look is great on her. But, as a pair, something was a little off. I don't think Anna Kendrick would be telling them they should make a baby this week. Maybe she made things awkward for them?

Jenna & Alex Freakin' Wong! - Pasa Doble (Jean-Marc Généreux)
So happy for Jenna right now. This makes me so excited for the All-Stars to return next week! I'm a little sad for Tucker that he couldn't make Jenna look this good, and so maybe I am rooting for Alan to be safe over him. Jenna needed this moment going into next week... and I hope we see more of Alex!

Makenzie & Paul - Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
My favorites. These two are so pretty together. And I loved the choice of using the live version of "The Edge of Glory"- it was so organic, honest, impassioned.

Amy & Fik-shun - Viennese Waltz (Jean-Marc Généreux)
Remember last week when I said, and I quote myself, "Time for them to do something way different next week! How about the waltz or something?" Yes, I will pat myself on the back. Also, I love Cat's line: "Let's hope you end up like Bella and Edward, and not like Rob and Kristen." This also reminds me that I haven't watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet. Fik-shun's flaws couldn't totally be hidden this time, but he still had a couple of nice moments, like that lift at the end. Amy really is just stunning. There's no way she goes home over Malece.

Jasmine & Aaron - Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
And we have the third standing ovation of the night! This partnership of dancers and choreographers had "awesome" written all over it before it even started. Definitely the best hip-hop number of the season. They're going to have fun doing that one all across the country on tour.

The Guys (minus Tucker) - Lyrical Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
I didn't know NappyTabs did choreography like this! Aaron and Paul were standouts for me. Alan might have been the weakest link.

The Ladies - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
Seriously, these girls are amazing. There were no standouts because they are all stunning! Totally beside the point, I kind of chuckled at the end when they were all standing in a row, as Cat looked like a giant, just towering over them. Tall girls are funny.

The Elimination:
Awww. Poor Alan. I guess he had a little bit of a rough night, but I still didn't think they'd save the guy who couldn't dance over him. But, I understand. Malece was, unfortunately, doomed from the beginning of the night.

Favorite Performance:
Standing by my faves!

With the exception of the two heading home, my rankings don't change this week. For the record, all five of these girls would go ahead of boy #3 if I were to do an overall ranking.

The Girls:
  1. Makenzie Dustman
  2. Jasmine Harper
  3. Jenna Johnson
  4. Amy Yakima
  5. Hayley Erbert
The Boys:
  1. Paul Karmiryan
  2. Aaron Turner
  3. Fik-Shun
  4. Tucker Knox
  5. Nico Greetham

Who Should Go Home:
Bottom four next week... gotta guess Amy, Jenna, Tucker, Fik-Shun. Jenna and Fik-Shun go home!? I really don't think Jenna deserves it but that's what I'm seeing right now!?!? I don't like it. That can't be right. Hayley instead of Jenna? My girl Makenzie again? I don't know. There's no right answer. But I AM SO EXCITED for the return of the All-Stars!