Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SYTYCD Season 10: Top 6 Recap (Final 4 Announced!)

Forgive me, friends. Moving has taken up most of my time and all of my energy over the past several days, so I only have a short recap in me tonight. Each remaining competitor is dancing three times tonight: with an all-star, with a fellow competitor, and their solo. Here are my rankings for each type of dance tonight!

All-Star Performances:
  1. Jasmine & All-Star Neil - Contemporary (Tyce Diorio)
  2. Paul & All-Star Kathryn - Jazz (Tyce Diorio)
  3. Amy & All-Star Alex - Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan)
  4. Aaron & All-Star Melanie - Broadway (Spencer Liff)
  5. Fik-Shun & All-Star Witney - Foxtrot (Jonathan Roberts)
  6. Hayley & All-Star Joshua - Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)

  1. Fik-Shun (I had almost forgotton how amazing he is in his style!!)
  2. Aaron
  3. Jasmine
  4. Paul
  5. Amy
  6. Hayley

The Top 6 Pair Up!:
  1. Paul & Hayley - Contemporary (Dee Caspery)
    Fik-Shun & Amy - Hip-hop (Dave Scott)
    Aaron & Jasmine - African Jazz (Sean Cheesman) (Umm, did her legs just go 270 degrees?! Seriously!?!?!?)

They were all amazing. I can't choose between them! And now the moment we've been waiting for...

Top 4 Dancers:
  • Amy
  • Jasmine
  • Aaron
  • Fik-Shun

Paul :( :( :(

Aaron and Jasmine will be Season 10 champs.

Quote of the Night:
"I'm going to keep this Carly Rae Jepsen short- it was amazing." - Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Same goes for this recap!


  1. Haha! I didn't get the Carly Rae Jespsen comment at first - I thought they were talking about her first pitch (especially after Cat said it was the delivery that counts. Totally forgot she was a judge until Nigel said something.
    Totally agree with all you rankings. :)
    On that storm dance - was that Tyce's voice in the weird "state of emergency" announcement in the music? I laughed so loud.
    Also, JTF pretty much gave away who was going after Hayley and Paul danced

  2. Your comments always cut me off! But he said something like, "Ugh! It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to two of you this week." Which I thought was a strange thing to say if you didn't know those two were leaving. I think he messed up!

  3. You agree with my rankings!? First time this season! But YES I thought that was Tyce's voice too and thought it was odd and probably unnecessary. And I questioned (in my head) JTF as well after that comment. Oops!