SYTYCD Season 10 Recap: And the winners are...

The bad news is that this incredible season of So You Think You Can Dance is coming to an end. :( The good news? It has been renewed for Season 11! :) And even better news- Shankman's here!!! :D (Hey... why didn't Jade dance in the intro with Malece??)

Paula's choice: 
"Edge of Glory" with Makenzie & Paul (Mandy Moore, contemporary)
  • What I wrote on August 6: My favorites. These two are so pretty together. And I loved the choice of using the live version of "The Edge of Glory"- it was so organic, honest, impassioned.
  • Tonight: I'm not sure if it was quite as good as it was the first time, but I still got goosies and still love these two!

Jasmine's choice: 
"Blurred Lines" with All-Star Marko (Ray Leeper, jazz)
  • What I wrote on August 13: Wow, I thought I was joking about all the standing ovations, but apparently not. I'm not sure this was quite as incredible as they made it out to be- individually they were great, but they weren't really as together as I thought they should be. But, it doesn't really matter. Jasmine's pretty much a lock for the finale.
  • Tonight: I was right about her being a lock, wasn't I? Not that I'm patting myself on the back for that, it was pretty obvious. I think these two were actually better tonight! I felt like they were actually in sync this time.

Adam's choice: 
"Hello Good Morning (remix)" with Fik-Shun with All-Star Twitch (Luther Brown, hip-hop)
  • What I wrote last week: As great and as fun as this was, it was still only the second-best hip-hop performance of the night (who run the world? girls!). I could watch these two dance together all day, though, honestly.
  • Tonight: Is it just me? As I much as I love these guys, I'm still not blown away by this number. I mean, it's fun, but my socks are still on my feet, if you know what I'm saying.

Nigel's choice: 
"You Really Did It" with Alexis, Aaron & Curtis (Anthony Morigerato, tap)
  • I did not write about the performances that introduced us to the top 20 way back on June 20th and I am delighted that Nigel picked this. It was so great to see three tap dancers on the show this season (more specifically, it was great to see tap DANCING!) and I hope they add it as a style next season.

Twitch's choice: 
"Kiss of the Spider Woman" with Hayley & Nico (Sean Cheesman, Broadway)
  • What I wrote on August 6: I did NOT recognize Nico!!! I was wondering who that random guy on stage with Hayley was. This really seemed like a Broadway-level performance- and even though I think these two are my least favorite pair, they are still pretty amazing. Those lifts- that crazy thing with Hayley's leg!? And oh, I guess now I do understand what the judges see in Nico. Touché, judges. Touché.
  • Tonight: Kind of the same as Makenzie & Paul- just not quite as sharp as the first time (I think Nico fumbled one lift a little bit), but still pretty amazing. That crazy thing with Hayley's leg was still crazy.

Aaron's choice: 
"Kissing You" with All-Star Kathryn (Stacey Tookey, contemporary)
  • What I wrote on August 13: Wow. Aaron just went to a whole different level. So beautiful, and I love the way Kathryn looked at him at the end. I really don't have anything else to say. Amazing!
  • Tonight: Ditto.

Cat's choice: 
"Run the World" with Jasmine & All-Star Comfort (Tabitha & Napoleon, hip-hop)
  • What I wrote last week: I don't know if Jasmine knew she'd get to work with Comfort and Nappytabs if she picked hip-hop, but if she did, she definitely made a smart decision. This was exactly the kind of performance people love to vote for. Amy has a lot of ground to make up.
  • Tonight: I stand by that! She has this performance to thank when she gets announced as the winner tonight.

Mary's choice: 
"Medicine" with Tucker & All-Star Robert (Travis Wall, contemporary)
  • What I wrote on August 13: Umm, serious goosies. This was a very special performance. I don't really know the story behind Travis and his brother Danny, and I only vaguely recall hearing about Robert being in a car accident but didn't realize how serious it was. Robert has been in some very special dances on this show. This standing ovation was certainly well-deserved and there is no way the judges can send Tucker home now. I hope he thanks Travis and Robert for making sure he sticks around at least another week.
  • Tonight: No magic lost with this one tonight. Still amazing.

Nobody's choice in particular but had to be performed again tonight: 
"I Am The Best" with Jenna & All-Star Mark (Mark Kanemura, contemporary-ish)
  • What I wrote on August 21: How deliciously weird is Mark?! I love this quote: "I want to pull inspiration from so many different places that it's just an explosion of (pause) my head." And it absolutely was. Wow. I'm so glad he and Lady Gaga found each other. I hope he just saved Jenna. She deserves it, you guys!!!
  • Tonight: OMG still love this. Still bummed Jenna didn't make it through this week.

Amy's choice: 
"After Party" with Fik-Shun (Tabitha & Napoleon, hip-hop)
  • What I wrote on July 2: That was a super fun little dance. I will try to get over my inclination to fight Nigel on calling Amy "the beast" (she's still not my favorite!) but I will admit I liked her very much here. Both dancers gave energetic and entertaining performances without coming off over-the-top. But here's my small issue- last week, they danced in Amy's style. This week, Fik-Shun's style. I want to see them do something completely out of both of their comfort zones next week... please.
  • Tonight: I'm over my issues with Amy (he stopped calling her "the beast" didn't he?) and was able to just enjoy this cute little dance.

OK, I haven't been writing about most of the other stuff filling the program tonight, but I LOVED Mary & Nigel's version of Amy & Fik-Shun's diner dance. So cute. Bonus points for Adam Shankman!

Voter's choice (between two Travis Wall dances): 
"Wicked Game" with Amy & All-Star Travis (Travis Wall, contemporary)
  • What I wrote on August 21: We already know Travis Wall is a beautiful choreographer, so it was fun to see him dance again for a change! And was it just me or was he channeling Ryan Atwood tonight? I was pretending they were Ryan Atwood & Marissa Cooper. And I mean this all in an amazing way. This was beautiful.
  • Tonight: OK, maybe I was pushing the comparison to The O.C. (although I still think Travis looks like Ryan Atwood) but beautiful, regardless!

Top 10 & All-Stars: I enjoyed this zany beach number enough to make note of it. I enjoy any opportunity to see Neil, in particular.

America's favorite male dancer is... Fik-Shun!
Wow! I'm a little surprised that he beat out Aaron. America rallied for him after he showed some weaknesses last week.

America's favorite female dancer (and overall top vote getter) is... AMY!?
TWO surprises tonight!? Don't get me wrong, I am happy for Amy. I just thought Jasmine played her cards right and had this one in the bag! Wow. I consider this an upset.

Congratulations to Amy & Fik-Shun and thank you to the entire cast of Season 10 for such a fun year of dance! Can't wait for Season 11!

SYTYCD Season 10: Top 4 Recap!

Well, we're almost at the end of the road, and what an incredible season it has been. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it to all end next week!

I forgot that Paula Abdul was back as a judge again, along with Gabby Douglas, which is an interesting choice. I hope that she has more to offer than Carly Rae Jepsen (and I think that she might, but she is so young!). I would have loved to see one of SYTYCD's big name choreographers on the panel for such an important show... like Adam Shankman! I didn't get enough Shankman this season.

I am trying to keep my thoughts brief, since there are so many performances to get through tonight.

Amy & Aaron - Jazz (Ray Leeper)
I thoroughly enjoyed this high-energy, athletic performance.

Jasmine & Fik-Shun - Contemporary (Travis Wall)
Mary Murphy loved this one a lot more than I did, that's for sure. I thought Jasmine was beautiful, but Fik-Shun was weak.

Aaron & All-Star Melinda - Tap (Anthony Morigerato)
How fun was that!? Finally, finally a tap performance! I never would have thought you could tap to a Bruno Mars song, but apparently you can.

Jasmine & All-Star Comfort - Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
I don't know if Jasmine knew she'd get to work with Comfort and Nappytabs if she picked hip-hop, but if she did, she definitely made a smart decision. This was exactly the kind of performance people love to vote for. Amy has a lot of ground to make up.

Fik-Shun & Amy - Tango (Miriam & Leonardo)
A couple of tough draws for Fik-Shun so far tonight. Amy was solid, but in stark contrast to Jasmine's performance immediately before this one, it was not something that gets people picking up the phone. Tough luck here, kids.

Jasmine - Solo
I was happy for Jasmine after learning she turned down an opportunity to tour with Ciara to stay on the show- and became even MORE happy for her after Uncle Nigel shared that she wouldn't have made the Top 20 if Cat Deeley of all people hadn't pushed hard for her. Bless you, Cat Deeley.

Jasmine & Aaron - Samba (Dmitry Chaplin)
I hoped for a little more with these two dancing together again- but I suppose with five dances, something was going to slip. I don't think it'll hurt them. I still expect these two to win, especially if they finish strong.

Fik-Shun - Solo
His take on Gangnam Style was adorable. Last week's incredible solo was still his best ever, but his solos are so entertaining that he could (but shouldn't) win on them alone.

Amy - Solo
This girl knows how to bring the high drama in her dance! Paula is right on about her solos- she always has so much passion. You could never question that she was dancing for her life.

Fik-Shun & All-Star Twitch - Hip-hop (Luther Brown)
As great and as fun as this was, it was still only the second-best hip-hop performance of the night (who run the world? girls!). I could watch these two dance together all day, though, honestly.

Aaron - Solo
I'm still kind of mad at him for his baditude after getting cut at Green Mile, although I suppose I can understand going into a bad place in a moment of deep disappointment. Hard to imagine this season without Aaron! He definitely deserves to win.

Amy & All-Star Robert - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
I find myself agreeing with Paula a lot tonight. This might have been my favorite of the night. I loved the story, I love Robert, and Amy is SO GOOD at this emotional type of dancing. I still think Jasmine's strategic move of picking hip-hop is going to pay off for her, but this was truly beautiful.

Fik-Shun & Aaron - Broadway (Tyce Diorio)
What a great number for these boys to end the night on. They were both able to showcase their abilities- Aaron with his superior technicality, Fik-Shun with his bright personality.

Jasmine & Amy - Jazz (Mark Kanemura)
Weird Mark!!! Siamese twins from the fierce jungles of Saturn? But of course. And to a song called "The Diva Dance." Lady Gaga must love Mark so much. Honestly. These gals are both so talented.

I think I might have said this last time Paula was a guest judge, but I find her so endearing in these guest judge spots (a little goes a long way). She really wasn't so bad tonight, either. And Gabby was charming- you could tell she was so excited to be there and was a bundle of positive (but genuine!) energy. That girl's going to do something big with her life one day. (I kid, I kid). Seriously, I am so impressed with her.

Who Should Win:
I'm sticking with Aaron and Jasmine, although Amy did a really good job of almost changing my mind tonight. Looking forward to next week's finale!