I occasionally created blog content for Most of my content was in one of these areas:

  • Funatic of the Week: Funko collectors (called "funatics" - spelled that way intentionally!) would apply for this honor by submitting their answers to an online survey. Each week, I selected a winner based on their story and photos, and created a blog post using their answers.

  • Event recaps: After each convention or fan event, I would put together a compilation of photos to share the fun with all of Funko's social media followers.

  • Booth procedures: These posts were more technical than fun, but were critical in explaining to fans how they could access the Funko booth at the various comic conventions the company attended.

  • Product announcements: As simple as it may seem, product descriptions had to be approved by licencors before announcements could be published. 

In addition, I have my own personal blog titled Yoko Eats Disney Treats.