SYTYCD Recap: Top 16

I took a little vacation, and in the process fell a bit behind (so, obviously, no recap from last week). I was actually able to watch last week's episode with my dear Anna, which was a special treat. There were a couple surprises- I certainly did not expect to see Witney and Chehon in their respective bottom threes (although I certainly did expect them both to be saved by the judges), but I also wouldn't have guessed that Alexa and Daniel would have such brief stays on the show. Oh well? Although it wasn't a surprise after the lack of airtime she had received, I felt bad that Janaya got the boot after a great, personality-filled performance that might have kept her safe this week.

Again, I'm behind, and thus will simply share my favorite performances and overall rankings from this past week.

Favorite Performances:
  1. Witney & Chehon
  2. Eliana & Cyrus
Witney & Chehon

The Girls:
  1. Eliana (How was she in the bottom 3!?)
  2. Witney
  3. Amelia
  4. Audrey
  5. Lindsay (I don't know how she was the automatic safe instead of Eliana)
  6. Tiffany
  7. Janelle
  8. Amber

The Boys:
  1. Cole
  2. Chehon
  3. Will
  4. Matthew
  5. Cyrus
  6. Dareian
  7. Brandon
  8. George (Hey look, my bottom 3 boys matched up!)

Who Should Go Home:
Four people are going home when the show comes back in two weeks, right? If Cyrus slips into the bottom three, I have to think the judges will sadly send him home. George and Dareian will probably end up in the bottom again as well. As far as the girls go- I'm guessing it'll be Tiffany and Janelle with Amelia or Audrey falling in there as well.