SYTYCD Recap: From 14 to 10

I miss the Olympics, but I happily welcome Cat and Uncle Nigel back to my Wednesday nights! I'm already feeling uneasy about the eliminations tonight, and that was even before I got this text from Anna:

I thought I was OK with the results show being eliminated, but I'm not so sure anymore. There must be a better way? But really, it's going to be sad to lose any of these dancers when they are all so good.

Also, I think I'm excited to see all of these Mia Michaels numbers again, but I'm worried the dancers are being unintentionally set up for failure- how can they measure up to the original? Then again, maybe that's why they brought on guest judges who have never seen the show before. I'm also unsure about how I feel about that.

So, basically, I am confused all around.

Eliana & Cyrus
I loved this dance back when Twitch and Katy did it, and I liked it almost as much the second time around too. The best moment was Cyrus laughing as he slammed the door on Eliana- which isn't exactly a dance moment, but once again showed what a fantastic entertainer he is. And I don't ever think about Eliana being a ballerina in real life. Yet somehow, I'm really nervous about both of these two being sent home tonight.

George & Tiffany
There is no denying George and Tiffany are both beautiful dancers, but these two just don't excite me. There was so much talk about the assisted run that in the end it was a little anticlimactic. I expect to see them both dance for their lives (and perhaps for the last time?) later tonight.

Amelia & Will
The butt dance perfectly illustrated why I don't love them re-doing these dances from the past- as Uncle Nigel said, Mia Michaels choreographed this for two specific dancers. I'm not sure that Amelia was totally committed to her character, though, and Will was trying just a little bit too hard. Having said that, I still adore them both.
Dareian & Janelle
Huh. His feet really must be that bad, although I can't say I've ever noticed. But I can't stop saying I wish they would stop with the comparisons! I think Dareian did an excellent job and contrary to what the judges said, I did feel the emotion from Janelle. If they survive this week though, they really need to step up (see what I did there, Adam Shankman?) their game.
Audrey & Matthew
Ugh! I'm going to sound like a broken record. Uncle Nigel, this has got to stop! You can't do a tribute show and criticize these kids for not being the original dancers! I did not appreciate him putting these two on the spot, after they have already been chastised for not being Neil (sigh!) and Lacey, about Mia's inspiration behind the choreography.

Witney & Chehon
I didn't watch the season this dance was originally from, and in this case, I appreciated Nigel's explanation of Mia's choreography (then again, he was actually OK with Witney and Chehon being Witney and Chehon). These two are so beautiful to watch. And I suddenly find myself worried about them too.

Lindsay & Cole
One of Cole's greatest strengths- outside of his dancing- is his ability to completely immerse himself into the character he decides to play in his performances. These last two dances were definitely my favorites of the night. I still don't love Lindsay, though, and I'm still not sure why.

The Girls:
  1. Eliana
  2. Witney
  3. Amelia
  4. Audrey
  5. Lindsay (saved!)
  6. Janelle
  7. Tiffany

The Guys:
  1. Cole
  2. Chehon
  3. Will
  4. Matthew
  5. Dareian
  6. Cyrus
  7. George (saved!)

Results & Who Should Go Home:

I wasn't quite as heartbroken about the bottom six as I feared I would be (you can see that I guessed four of the six of them in my previous recap). I am bummed about Amelia, though. As far as the guys go- I am shocked they saved George, who has been in the bottom every week (? is that only twice? I guess maybe you can say the same about Dareian?) but he just doesn't have the excitement factor of Dareian or Matthew.

However! I am excited for the ALL-STARS to join us next week! I'm still perplexed by this voting system that will send someone home next week based on this week's dances but after they dance with an all-star... whatever. And it's going to be an overall bottom 3 next though, right, no more gender parity? My guess for the bottom is: George, Tiffany, Lindsay.