SYTYCD: Performance Finale Recap

As I wrote my So You Think You Can Dance recap last Thursday, I incorrectly believed that tonight would be the final episode of another fabulous season. Discovering there would be a finale finale following tonight's performance finale was almost like putting on a jacket I haven't worn in months and finding a $20 bill in the pocket. 

I want to remind everyone- as I'm sure I will be unable to avoid complaining about Cyrus making it into the finale- I like the guy, it's just that Cole deserved it more and I'm a little bitter. And one final thought before we get into the performances... IF NEIL ISN'T AN ALL-STAR, WE RIOT!

Cyrus & Eliana - Pasa Doble
In a move obviously made to protect Cyrus, Eliana was cast against gender as the matador. While it was as theatrical and entertaining as we have come to expect from this pair, this pasa doble just pales in comparison to the one performed by Cole (and Lindsay, but mostly Cole) earlier this season. Eliana is simply fantastic, but this opening number just summed up everything that frustrates me about Cyrus making it into the finale.

Tiffany & All-Star Will - Jazz
I never would have guessed I'd be sitting here watching Tiffany in the finale when she was first introduced into the Top 20 over two months ago, but unlike Cyrus (sorry, sorry) I can't say she doesn't deserve it. She was great.

Eliana & Chehon - Ballet
I had been hoping to see Eliana and Chehon do some ballet together, and they did not disappoint. Eliana, in her pretty pink tutu, was stunning. We didn't get to see Chehon show off his skills (only his strength) in the same way, but Eliana's brilliance was magnified thanks to his steady support. They both made it look so easy; I'm horrified at my memories of my ballerina youth in comparison.

Tiffany & Cyrus - Hip-hop
Arghhh I can't help it- yes, it is highly commendable that The One Who Never Did Choreography Before This Show learned choreography for five numbers since last Thursday... but hey, they ALL did it. Why does Cyrus get judged on a different standard?! I know I sound like a broken record and I don't WANT to get upset about this but every time they critique him, it drives me nuts. P.S. The hip-hop was great.

The Final Four - "A quirky Tyce Diorio number"
This was the ultimate mash-up and super fun way to show each dancer in their own style but all at the same time.

Eliana - Solo
Strength, grace, emotion. She's got it all. She deserves to win.

Chehon & All-Star Allison - Contemporary
If that one-armed lift was all he did, that would have been enough, but throw in a few other lifts and jumps and... are you kidding me!? (Timeout: did Mary Murphy just say "Nommy Eminated?" That is awesome). Whatever he didn't get to show us in the ballet number, he MORE than made up for in this performance with the amazing Allison. Phenomenal. Truly.

Chehon & Allison (the one-armed lift in particular)

Eliana & Tiffany - Burlesque/Pole
The line of the night goes to Rob Marshall: "I'm just trying to imagine Queen Latifah doing that." The judges have lost their minds and deservedly so. I can't say I've ever seen anything like that and I love that SYTYCD just went there. Also: side by side, Eliana proved to be just a little bit better. She was sexier, her legs extended just a little bit further, her movements were more deliberate, and her facial expressions were spot on. And HELLO, that last thing she did on the pole? I don't even know how that was physically possible.

Cyrus - Solo
Watching Cyrus do his solos will never, ever get old.

Tiffany - Solo
I had forgotten how little they showed Tiffany before the Top 20, and maybe that's why I've had a hard time connecting with her.

Chehon & Cyrus - Contemporary
These two guys must have an ounce of body fat between them. I appreciate that Sonya put these two side-by-side, showing each of their strengths and not letting Cyrus hide. Why are the judges so afraid to say that Chehon deserves to win this over Cyrus? Chehon has thrown everything he possibly can at us to give himself a shot at taking the trophy home.

Chehon - Solo
It seemed a little like Chehon forgot where he was- it was like his music ending took him by surprise- but it was nice to see him so in the moment. One last Chehon-Cyrus comparison: where Cyrus has made everything look so difficult (and impressive as the result of conquering these difficult tasks), Chehon just makes evertyhing look so damn easy.

Eliana & All-Star Alex - Contemporary
C'mon Uncle Nigel, use your new American Idol judge's version of this song! These two are one of those magical SYTYCD pairings, they should take their show on the road. I'm a little surprised to hear Nigel call Eliana his favorite of all time but there is no denying she is special.
Tiffany & Chehon - Rumba
Chehon makes me not miss Neil so much. I guess I won't riot, after all. They were appropriately romantic without being cheesy.

Cyrus & All-Star Twitch - Animation
That was SO COOL but it was TOO SHORT! This just stole any momentum Chehon may have managed to build for himself tonight, but what can ya do. Nigel just blew my mind by finally saying he would be voting for Chehon over Cyrus tonight, but I'm afraid that might just make America rally for Cyrus that much more.

I looked back at my rankings from my Top 20 recap: I had Eliana and Tiffany at #3 and #7, Cyrus and Chehon and #2 and #4, respectively (although the next week I had Eliana at the top with Tiffany at #8, and the boys traded spots). This is really a toss-up.

Who SHOULD Win: Eliana & Chehon
Who WILL Win: Eliana & Cyrus

I think that Eliana did enough to steal enough votes away from Tiffany. I hope Chehon convinces enough people that he truly deserves to win this over Cyrus.