New shoes!

Purchasing a new pair of shoes isn't always be a blog-worthy topic (or is it? maybe it is), but this is is my first new pair of shoes in probably a year. I think. Well shoot, there were those boots I bought from Target in the fall. And my bridesmaid shoes for a wedding last summer- those don't count, right? I HAD to buy them! 

In any case, I'm really excited about this particular pair. My friend Anna loves her Sperrys, so I had been wanting to try a pair myself. As soon as I saw these in this color scheme, I knew I had to have them.

I normally hate to purchase shoes online (I like to try them on to make sure they feel right on my feet!), but I made an exception this time. Since it'll still be several days before they actually arrive, I headed over to Polyvore to play around with some outfit ideas.

Navy & Pink Sperry Topsiders - Jeans

Navy & Pink Sperry Topsiders - Shorts

Navy & Pink Sperry Topsiders - Cropped Jeans

Navy & Pink Sperry Topsiders - Cropped Jeans by lucyandlarry

Will I actually ever wear outfits so perfectly matched? Highly doubtful. And that's OK! Is going with nautical jewelry too obvious a choice with these shoes? I don't think so, especially when it's just a single subtle piece. In fact, I've decided it would be a missed opportunity NOT to, so finding or making myself a couple of cute nautical pieces has just become a new priority. I'm not sure if I can pull off hot pink sunglasses... but I might try. TBD.

I can't wait for my new shoes to arrive! I hope I love them in real life as much as I do hypothetically!