Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May Instagram Round-up!

Before we get too far into June, here are my favorite Instagram photos from the month of May!

I can't take credit for this photo- my dad took it. And I love everything about it. The hummingbirds, the ferry, the water... I feel five times calmer every time I look at this picture.

This photo might not be that exciting in itself, and you might not know even what this is a picture of, but I absolutely love it. The Batgirl figure on the right is part of Funko's DC Mystery Minis set. The figure on the left is a prototype; only a handful exist, none were sold online for this set (to my knowledge), and yet somehow I get to have one- thanks to a very generous friend who thought it would be a better fit in my collection than his own.

This photo is the result of hours and hours of meticulous work. I covered a Funko Pop figure with about a gazillion tiny rhinestones to create my own blinged out, sparkly, super awesome Batgirl. An avid fan of multitasking, I mostly worked on her while watching American Idol, which I found actually made this season much more bearable.

Follow me on Instagram! I can promise a lot more Funko and geeky goodness, and the occasional pretty scenic shot. But mostly the geeky goodness.


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