Thursday, June 20, 2013

SYTYCD Season 10: Ranking the Top 20!

YES! I'm so sorry I'm late on this. I'll try not to let it happen again.

Well, I was going to start off by saying that Cat Deeley looked like a disco ball (but at least a very pretty disco ball), but then Adam Shankman said basically the exact same thing, which ruins my joke but adds to why I love him so much. He's the best. I've said this before, and I'll probably say it every week, but I just do not understand how So You Think You Can Dance can have such incredible judges while American Idol is such a mess. GET A CLUE, Idol!

Here are my totally pointless, sure-to-change-next-week Top 20 rankings.

The Girls:

  1. Mariah Spears
  2. Jenna Johnson
  3. Jasmine Mason
  4. Amy Yakima
  5. Malece Miller
  6. Alexis Juliano
  7. Hayley Erbert
  8. Jasmine Harper
  9. Mackenzie Dustman
  10. Brittany Cherry

The Boys:

  1. Carlos Garland
  2. Jade Zuberi
  3. Fik-Shun
  4. Curtis Holland
  5. Tucker Knox
  6. Nico Greetham
  7. BluPrint
  8. Alan Bersten
  9. Aaron Turner
  10. Paul Karmiryan

Favorite Dance of the Night:

I was blown away by both the Top 10 Guys and Top 10 Girls numbers, but I'm going to pick from the other dances... and I'm going to cheat and pick two.

BluPrint & Jade

It's almost not fair to compare this performance to the others. How can anything short of magic happen when you put two animators of this caliber together and throw in Christopher Scott and some mannequins? Amazing.

Malece, Hayley & Carlos

I may have partly liked this so much because it reminded me of Mad Men, but I really didn't get the lukewarm reception it received from the judges. Carlos particularly stood out for me- I hadn't really noticed him before, but I loved his performance here, ESPECIALLY his final pose.

As of right now, Mariah and Jenna are my clear cut favorites, followed by Jasmine Mason. Nobody really jumps out of the pack of guys for me yet, but they look like a very, very good pack of guys, so that could change very quickly. And really, that goes for the girls too. You could really have the complete opposite rankings as I do, and I wouldn't question your judgment one bit (as long as you still have Mariah and Jenna at the top; if you don't, I would question your judgment just a little bit).

Who are your favorites?


  1. Yay! It’s really hard to choose favorites after that show, isn’t it? I love Mariah, but I think Jasmine Harper is my favorite girl. Do you have her so low because of all the focus on being Cyrus’s ex? I blame Nigel! I’m really worried (for her – I’d love it for me) that Nigel’s going to force the two of them to dance together at some point. :(

    Fik-Shun is my favorite guy, and I like Carlos too. I don’t get the hype for Jade. Also, I thought the mannequin dance was a mess! I was surprised at the reaction though. I must be mistaken. I saved the show just so I could watch tha dance again, because there’s no one I love more than Christopher Scott. What was I thinking?

    Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  2. I had Jasmine Harper higher at first (#4) but then I felt like all the Cyrus talk was influencing me, and then the more I thought about it the more it annoyed me (although I think you're right, Nigel is the one who keeps making her talk about it) so I bumped her down.

    I also had Fik-Shun as my favorite at first, but then I didn't notice him at all during the two big group numbers, and I love Jade's facial expressions when he dances. But also, I don't think they showed a lot of these guys before so it's hard to pick through them!

    Let me know if you still think the mannequin dance was a mess after you re-watch. :)