I thought long and hard about how to package my jewelry so I wanted to share what I came up with! Sellers: think of your packaging as an extention of the piece you sold; it really sets the tone for what is inside. It's important for your customer to know that what they purchased is important to you and therefore was worthy of you spending a little time and effort to make sure it arrived nicely.  Plus, it's just fun to make things look pretty!
My very first order was for these two sets of earrings- thanks Emily!!!

I hung my earrings on these tags I designed in Photoshop and had printed online. I made them as though they were business cards through

I purchased a customized rubber stamp from Terbearco on Etsy and am so happy with its quality! I use the stamp to mark my logo on the pillow boxes and organza bags I use to hold my pieces. I'm sure I'll find other uses for it down the line as well.

This is a frosted white pillow box that will be used mostly for necklaces or orders of multiple items. The stamp smeared a little bit so I might try stamping a label to place on the box instead next time. The item inside is wrapped up with light pink tissue paper.
The stamp turned out really nicely on the white organza bags! If you decide to do something like this, here's a tip- don't forget to put a paper towel or piece of paper inside the bag so your stamp doesn't go all the way through to the other side!

I'll use these little bags most of the time, as they can hold multiple smaller items like the earrings or rings, also wrapped in the pink tissue paper.

So there it is!  Hopefully my customers open their packages with a smile on their face!