As a hobby, I create unboxing videos for my own YouTube channel.

Additionally, I have represented FiGPiN on the following podcasts.

Secondary Heroes Episode 19 (June 25, 2019)

Geek Together (April 7, 2020)


I represented Funko as a personality, in-person at conventions and fan meet-ups, as well as in YouTube videos and on Funko’s live gaming stream. I was also a member of the Funko Funkast, the official podcast, and have experience as a panelist at conventions.

Funko's YouTube channel
As a brand ambassador for Funko, I appeared in numerous videos for the company's YouTube channel. These videos included unboxings, tours, interviews, and more. This playlist below includes some highlights.

Funko Funkast
I was an original member of Funko's official podcast, the Funko Funkast. Click this link or find it wherever you listen to podcasts and catch me on Episodes 1-85.

Other Appearances
I was a guest on Episode 43 of the Star Wars fan podcast The Sandcrawler.