Gadget I Love: My Keurig

This past Black Friday, after mulling over the decision for at least the previous year, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased my own Keurig brewer.

My Keurig in action

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Not to get all dramatic, but I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it. Like many of you, my morning coffee is my anchor. I need it before I can move on with the rest of my day. Without it, I'm a lost cause.

I am not terribly handy in the kitchen, and that extends to making coffee. For years I struggled with trying to brew my own pot, never able to get it just right. Some mornings, I would drag myself to the nearest coffee shop, spending way too much money over the long haul- and time, since of course I'd have to get ready before allowing myself to be visible to the outside world. On those rare occasions I actually succeeded in making a drinkable pot, part of it would go to waste, as I was the only one drinking it (and as much as I love my coffee, I know when to call it quits for the day).

But that's all in the past now. I can go to bed knowing that a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is just a press of a button away when I wake up in the morning. Sweet dreams, indeed.

Via Etsy (Gayana)

My only dilemma now is that Keurig just debuted a brand new product called the Vue. That just figures, doesn't it (you bought the wrong TV, sillyhead!). But it's OK- I am more than happy with the Keurig brewer I have, and along with my Green Mountain Iced Vanilla Coffee K-cup, we have a bright and happy future ahead of us.

So this is what I'm trying to tell you: if you agree with me that coffee is a necessity and the kitchen isn't exactly your favorite room in the house, get a Keurig. You won't regret it. 

I am not being paid for this post. I just really, really love my Keurig.