Sometimes a square peg just needs to stay a square peg.

I feel the need to introduce myself even though I am fully aware that anyone reading this right now must already know me. My name is Yoko, and today, I started this blog. I already have one blog,, dedicated to my Etsy shop and other crafty endeavors, so I won't talk about those things very often in this space. This blog is for pretty much everything else.

I have been between jobs for three full months now, and although frustrating at times, it has been a valuable experience. I have had the opportunity to reflect on what I've done and really think about where I want to be. As much as I adored my previous employer, I reached the point where I could no longer deny that the position I was in just wasn't right for me. "Sometimes a square peg just needs to stay a square peg," said someone close to my situation, referencing the well known square-peg-round-hole idiom. Those words stayed with me, and so I decided to move on.

This break allowed me to remember one major fact about myself: I love to write. So write I will.