Taylor & Zac's Little Duet

I already Tweeted about this and posted it on my Facebook page, but it's not enough. I have to share this here too. I love it that much.

The only thing I like more than Zac Efron is Singing Zac Efron. This little video clip fills me with the kind of giddiness I got from the first season of Glee that sadly hasn't quite been there since then (but that's another story- and for the record, I still adore Glee, just not as much as I once did). Dating or not, Taylor and Zac actually sound pretty amazing together.

So, as the trailer for The Lucky One reveals, young Zefron is all grown up. I don't know if I could possibly like him more than I did in High School Musical Hairspray, but I kind of look forward to seeing him in his first mature role.

P.S. If you're wondering about T-Swift's hiding-in-the-bathroom reference, check out this video for a good laugh.