Idol recap: Top 6

First of all, I promise to get through this Queen-themed week without mentioning Adam Lambert. Except for that. Second, I love it when they have the contestants talk about each other. Hilarity ensues. Third, IT REALLY SUCKS THAT SOMEONE HAS TO GO HOME.

Jessica Sanchez
If she only had "Bohemian Rhapsody" to rely on, I'd say Jessica would definitely be in trouble again this week (she didn't do a bad job, there's just something about it that wasn't right). I'm torn on how I feel about her second song. I'd be pointing out the obvious to say her vocals are stunningly beautiful, but picking "Dance with my Father" could either be a brilliant move on her part, with the story of her dad's deployment garnering emotional votes... or the dated and slightly overdone song (come on Jimmy, weren't you going to keep her from doing songs like this?) could sink her back into the Bottom 3. I realize I really didn't say anything there. She's so good though, seriously.

Skylar Laine
Queen would spell doom for most country singers (as would many of the theme weeks we've had), but not for Skylar. "The Show Must Go On" showed off yet another side of her voice (those high notes!) and even though she's already proven how good she is, this song just really blew through my expectations. "Tattoos on this Town" further proved she's ready for the real thing right now.

Joshua Ledet
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" was a fun performance, but I have to say that it didn't deserve the standing ovation from the judges (it seemed like J-Lo really didn't want to, but wasn't about to be the only one of the three judges who didn't). But it does make me want to post this picture below again for Anna. And then, no big deal, he schooled everyone and put on another vocal clinic with "Ready For Love."

Elise Testone
I'm giving an assist to the tambourine on "I Want it All"- I think it helped Elise stay out of her head and just sing the heck out of that song. And you know what Steven and Randy, I really enjoyed the Hendrix song too. I would like to agree with J-Lo that Elise sang "Bold as Love" so well it doesn't matter that it may be slightly obscure, but... I'm afraid most voters are too easily distracted by shiny objects (aka Hollie).

Phillip Phillips
I think I would have liked to see Phil move around the stage a little more on "Fat Bottomed Girls" without his guitar, but he picked a great song and it was a fun performance. I hate to agree with Randy, but I wasn't jumping up and down either. And then I really didn't like the second song, only to learn it was Dave Matthews, which explains it for me. PHILLIP PHILLIPS > DAVE MATTHEWS. He was so funny and charming in his clips talking about the others too that he'll definitely continue to stay out of trouble (plus, I'm guessing he gets most of Colton's votes).

Hollie Cavanagh
"Save Me" had its issues. J-Lo's little soliloquy was nice but.. it's Top 6 week. Where has that been when it could have actually saved her- see what I did there?- in this competition? "The Climb" was perrr-fect (said in the delightful British-Texan accent) and I loved seeing her jump up and down in glee (GLEE! They're graduating and need more new students soon!) when she saw the judges get up on their feet for her. It just might give her another week.

Since "nobody" isn't a realistic choice, I have no choice but to go with Hollie again. However, I don't actually believe she'll be making a trip to the stools-of-doom tomorrow.

This might sound crazy but I'm guessing we'll have a Bottom 3 of Elise, Jessica and Joshua... with Elise going home. (But since I'm going to finally stop guessing Hollie, it probably means it'll be her).