So You Think You Can Dance: And the winners are...

I need to start off by saying this: FOX, please get your act together and renew So You Think You Can Dance for its tenth season already!!! What could you possibly be waiting for!?

Sigh. OK. Hey, it's finale night! WHO will be named America's favorite male and female dancer?! But first, the tradition I wish American Idol would adopt for its finales as well- encores of our favorite performances of the season.

Nigel's pick: The Titanic Dance, Audrey & Matthew
I'm a little bit surprised he didn't pick last week's burlesque performance! This selection just makes me wonder once again why Matthew wasn't saved over George so they could do this number on tour. So, so beautiful.

Lil C's pick: Witney & All-Star Twitch

This is exactly why Witney was my early pick to win. I still think she's fantastic. More fantastic than Tiffany.

Debbie Allen's pick: Tiffany & George, Contemporary
My feelings haven't changed: lovely as can be, but just not that memorable.

Adam Shankman's pick: Cole & Lindsay, Pasa Doble

I had a feeling we'd see this one again. I love Adam Shankman. Also, Cole.

Tyce Diorio's pick: Jazz Cats, Will & Amelia

Man! I missed these two. Adorbs. I may have that said before.

Mary Murphy's pick: Tyce's Holocaust Dance, Chehon & All-Star Kathryn

Still every bit as powerful.

Eliana's pick: The Bang Bang Dance with All-Star Alex Wong

Seriously. These two need to dance together for the rest of their lives.

Cat's pick: Disco with Tiffany & All-Star Brandon


Chehon's pick: Argentinian Tango with All-Star Anja

This was the moment Chehon sailed ahead of Cole and Will (who was eliminated that night) and all but guaranteed his spot in the finale- along with Cyrus, of course. Very nice choice.

Cyrus with All-Stars Twitch, Comfort & choreographer Christopher Scott

Not to sound like a nerd, but that was seriously neato.

Tiffany's pick: Contemporary with All-Star Ade

AKA the Celine Dion "Power of Love" dance... oh, this song! It's so unfair!

Cyrus' pick: Animation with All-Star Twitch

Ahhh. I'm confused. Did they give Cyrus extra opportunities to shine tonight because he won, or as a consolation!?

Top 10 & All-Stars: Lion King Dance
NappyTabs may have made up for their absence over much of the season with this awesome Lion King remix.

America's Favorite Dancers Are...

I. Am. So. Happy. America got it right! Congrats to Chehon & Eliana!!!