Bye Heejun

I was pretty sure I knew who got sent home before I started watching tonight-seeing "Bye Heejun" as a trending topic on Twitter was kind of a giveaway. You'd think I would know to avoid Twitter, and sometimes I do, but maybe I've given up on trying to fight spoilers. Sigh.

Another "spoiler" I read was a headline that said something like NICKI MINAJ STARTS FEUD WITH JENNIFER LOPEZ! I was highly disappointed when I saw the incident for myself and realized it was nothing like that at all. But do you think when J-Lo told Nicki that there wasn't room for both of them, she was referring to their diva egos or their behinds?

But anyway, about the results. Guess who wasn't surprised at Skylar being in the Bottom 3? <--- This girl (that arrow thing doesn't work so well in this scenario does it)! I couldn't possibly actually be happy about that though since I like Skylar and she didn't deserve it. But seriously- I would be doing so much better in my American Idol pool if we could get points for naming the Bottom 3 instead of just who goes home each week. Dang it.

I also should have learned the lesson that I need to set my DVR to record these results show an extra minute or two. Since I didn't, I missed Heejun's send-off. I am really bummed that I missed the end (well, probably/hopefully not in real life) of the Heejun-and-Phillip bromance we have come to know and love.

via EW

So, bye Heejun- I'm sure it's not the last time we'll see you on TV.

P.S. To my dear Anna: ask and you shall receive.