Idol recap: Top 10

I must be getting old. I'm really concerned about how many of the contestants weren't very familiar with Billy Joel's songs. Also, we're already at a point where I'm not ready to see any of these contestants go home, and I don't think that has ever happened with 10 whole singers left. This is getting hard.

  • Heejun Han ("My Life")
    My favorite Diddy quip of the night came here: "I don't know if he's an actor, or a con man, or I don't even know if he's really Asian, he might be black... I'm keeping my eye on him." You know, he's right. Heejun could actually be the greatest prank Uncle Nigel has ever pulled on us. And I don't even care! Having said that, I can understand the point of view that he's being disrespectful to the competition by seeming like he's not taking it very seriously- but he's entertaining, and he's playing to his strengths to get votes. Nothing wrong with that.

  • DeAndre Brackensick ("Only the Good Die Young")
    I enjoyed the slightly grittier vocals Deandre showed in this performance... but I'm not sure he really understood what this song actually means (and if he did, I doubt he would have selected it). If the disconnection weren't enough, going first might have sealed his fate.
  • Hollie Cavanagh ("Honesty")
    Holllie slipped a little this week, and even though I put her in this category, I'd actually be in shock if she ends up in the bottom three. However, the judges' comments to her are exactly why Hollie needs Uncle Nigel to bring her an actual mentor- someone else who has a big voice- one of these weeks, and soon.  I do think it's time for her to shake things up a bit or she just might have a date with the bottom three next week.
  • Erika Van Pelt ("New York State of Mind")
    Girlfriend SHOULDN'T be in trouble, but I think it's too late in the game for her to find a way out of the bottom three until the day she goes home. While I agree that EVP was in need of a new hairstyle, I'm not sure dying her hair black and giving her a pixie cut is exactly what I would have picked out for her. She's unrecognizable! But more importantly, she finally sounded amazing. I hope Red Sox Nation forgives her for picking this song and votes her through till next week.

  • Joshua Ledet ("She's Got A Way")
    When you're this good, coming off an incredible performance the week before, it's almost impossible not to disappoint. Having said that, his early slot and the judges' lukewarm feedback worry me that he'll accidentally end up in the bottom three.

  • Elise Testone ("Vienna")
    Elise got a standing ovation from the judges, but will it be enough? She was fantastic, but whether America is over her baditude from a couple weeks ago will remain to be seen.

  • Skylar Paine ("Shameless")
    In an attempt to sound relevant, Randy Jackson instead made himself look even more ignorant by asking Skylar if she was influenced by Brad Paisley's rendition of "Shameless." Umm, Randy? Wrong country star. Try Garth Brooks. Not even close. (P.S. Skylar was good).
  • Phillip Phillips ("Movin' Out")
    Tommy Hilfiger told him not to wear gray, but he wore gray. Jimmy and Diddy didn't want him to play his guitar, but he played his guitar. And he rocked. Well played, Phillip Phillips, well played.
  • Jessica Sanchez ("Everybody Has a Dream")
    How GOOD is she!? Another standing ovation. Steven Tyler told her that she's gone way past his judging, and that might be the best thing he has ever said.

  • Colton Dixon ("Piano Man")
    I was ready to swoon as soon as it was clear that Colton would be back at the piano this week, and man, he did not disappoint. I also would buy this single.

I kept forgetting Diddy was there, so he only gets a C-. However, I am loving the addition of Tommy Hilfiger, who gets an A- in my book.

DeAndre Brackensick

I'm afraid that despite excellent performances, EVP and Elise will both find their way back to the stools- but DeAndre will be the one heading home. (I might change my mind... I worry about EVP).