Idol recap: And then there was one.

I have been in solitary confinement all evening in order to remain spoiler-free. Let's get on with the show!!!

"Runaway Baby"
The opening number was cute, but... hands up if you would have rather seen this as reprise solo performance by Joshua. Wow, I really didn't miss some of these contestants. Also, some people can pull off the head-to-toe white outfit better than others.

"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" & "Bad Moon Rising"
I think- although it was enjoyable- that getting the chance to sing these CCR classics with John Fogerty was more fun for Phillip than for anyone else. And that's totally fair.

"Take Me to the Pilot"
Now I know why they just showed us the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Holy extensions, Batman! Is that really Fantasia? She is unrecognizable. Like utterly, completely, unrecognizable. AND WHO LET HER OUT IN THAT OUTFIT? She's like Catwoman gone horribly, horribly wrong. Was that awkward? Or was it just me? I feel like that was awkward. And dang it, I was so distracted by Fantasia this whole time I completely missed Joshua.

I have no words.

Chaka Khan medley
Love the ladies in their sparkly dresses for this Chaka Khan medley. Just once I'd like to find an occasion where it'd be appropriate to wear one of these sparkly dresses.

"I Will Always Love You"
...and explain to me again why Jessica didn't sing this yesterday?!

"Turn on the Radio" 
Skylar!!! Rock it gurrrrl! Did she just upstage Reba? I think she might have!

Neil Diamond medley
It turns out the only boys I missed were Colton and Joshua.

Ace & Diana
Well, well, well, what do we have here- it appears to be our first ever finale wedding proposal! Cute? Uncomfortable? Desperate for attention? Cute? I can't decide. And for some reason- although I liked both Diana and Ace on their respective seasons- they kind of creep me out together? This does appear to be a genuine moment for both of them though. I think I've decided it was kind of weird but mostly sweet. (Anybody plan on watching Taylor Hicks on The Choice? HAHAHA I can't get that out with a straight face).

"Never Walk Alone"
Finally, though, we have our first female non-contestant on the stage not required to wear an unflattering outfit. How gorgeous is Jordin Sparks these days? If it were up to me though, I would have liked to see Holli singing with someone like Kristin Chenoweth or Carrie Underwood.

Bee Gees medley
Did they throw this together in an hour before the show? Sure sounded like it. Other than Joshua, who was sheer perfection as usual, of course.

"And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going"
That. Just. Happened. And even with the freaky faces.... GOOSIES!!! But OMG part of me was scared to death that Jennifer Holliday was about to drop her jaw and swallow Jessica whole.

"Up Where We Belong"
First of all- Steven Tyler has still got it. And did you notice I didn't have anything to say about Rihanna or J-Lo? But this was a sweet little song by our two finalists.


And the winner is....

Phillip Phillips. What a nice moment. "Home" really is a great song and I look forward to hearing it on the radio. NOW GET YOUR KIDNEYS FIXED.