Didn't this season just start? How are we already at the finale? Can Jessica WOW us and become the first female champ since Jordin Sparks? What the heck is J-Lo wearing? Who else wishes that Skylar and/or Joshua were in this show instead of Jessica? Do we really need to watch tonight to know that Phillip (and his bum kidneys) will ultimately win, as we suspected all along?

OK, I'll knock it off. I do love these clips of Jessica and Phillip back from where it all began. GOOSIES!


I was barely mentally prepared by the time Jessica had already finished belting out "I Have Nothing"- I was tempted to rewind, but... I get the drift. She's a powerhouse vocalist, I think. Phillip's "Stand By Me" was pleasant, but neither singer really gave a standout performance in the first round.

Round One Winner: Draw.

Jason Derulo? I'm going to take this opportunity to fix myself a nice cup of cocoa. Did you guys know my cats like to eat marshmallows? Watching them anxiously waiting for me to drop one on the floor is more captivating than this performance.

Real Round One Winner: Larry, who beat Lucy to the marshmallow I just dropped.


While not a terribly exciting song choice, Jessica really nailed it on "The Prayer." She again showed beautiful control and restraint, and hit those high notes perfectly. I'm guessing the "potential first single" is a ballad as per usual though, so I really wish Jessica had gone with something more upbeat to start off the show. Phillip seemed to give "Moving Out" everything he physically could (which probably isn't a whole lot, with the whole needing emergency surgery, like, yesterday thing). And there's that blonde saxophonist again! I wonder if Phillip has negotiated to have her included in his prize package if he wins this thing?

Round Two: Slight edge to Phillip based on the "excitement" factor.


What? Don't they want Jessica to win? This song, aside from possibly being the worst AI finale song ever (more on that in a second), sits in a horrible place in her voice and did her zero favors. I hope, for Jessica's sake, this song quickly disappears much like that Kara DioGuardi song for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert (I just figured out that this song, quite ironically, is called "Change Nothing"), which is the other contender for the title of Worst AI Finale Song Ever. I would have changed everything. And Phillip just sealed the deal. That song- "Home"- was perfect for him.

Round Three: Absolutely Phillip.


Wow. This one-hour finale just flew on by, didn't it? I am still so puzzled at the song choices for Jessica these last two shows. Is there any chance she manages to pull off the ultimate upset and win tomorrow? Maybe, since she managed to knock off Joshua last week. But I wouldn't hold my breath.