SYTYCD Season 10 Recap: Top 10 Becomes 8, Now With All-Stars!

Cat's hair is perfection tonight. It looks amazing. You know what's not so amazing? That Makenzie and Jenna are the bottom two girls, along with Tucker and Nico. I am sad that one of my favorite ladies will be going home, but I did see that coming last week. Sniff. It figures that Nico would end up in the bottom when I finally come around on him and stop picking him to go home. However, we are skipping solos and going on with the show! I wouldn't have minded seeing all four perform individually, but YES! Bring on the All-Stars!

Amy & All-Star Brandon - Disco (Doriana Sanchez)
Disco is always so much fun, and this was no exception- between the lifts and that crazy drop where Amy ended up half a millimeter from the ground (I mean seriously, yowzas!), and of course, all the sequins, sparkles and glitter! I do think she was missing a little something that she had with Fik-Shun. That and the leadoff spot could mean she ends up in the bottom next week.

Aaron & All-Star Kathryn - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
Wow. Aaron just went to a whole different level. So beautiful, and I love the way Kathryn looked at him at the end. I really don't have anything else to say. Amazing!

Fik-Shun & All-Star Melanie - Jazz (Mandy Moore)
I understood the standing ovation for Aaron and Kathryn, and not that Fik-Shun and Melanie weren't great- they were- but I just don't think they (he) deserved one as well. Melanie, obviously, is amazing. She can do no wrong. I thought that Mandy Moore did the smart thing in putting most of the attention on Melanie. Fik-Shun has to go home sometime.

Paul & All-Star Witney - Cha cha (Jean-Marc Généreux)
I guess we're handing out standing ovations to everyone tonight, not that they didn't deserve it this time... if the last performance earned one, this one definitely does, but seriously, you can't just hand out standing o's like candy! Witney was one of my favorites last season and she made Paul dazzle too. I adore Paul and I hope this is still a standout performance by the end of the night.

Hayley & All-Star Twitch - Hip-hop (Christopher Scott)
I hate to say it but I was disappointed here. There was nothing bad about it, but with Twitch and Christopher Scott involved, I was holding my breath for a MOMENT that never arrived. I think Uncle Nigel might have jinxed her with that comment about her never being in the bottom- at this point in the competition, I just don't think there was enough here tonight.

Jenna & All-Star Neil - Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
OMG Neil! My favorite of favorites! Jenna got a great draw here. So great, it resulted in standing ovation #4! If she's safe tonight, I don't think she'll be in the bottom next week. We still have Makenzie coming up, but I have the feeling the judges will save Jenna. By the way, I love Neil.

Jasmine & All-Star Marko - Jazz (Ray Leeper)
Wow, I thought I was joking about all the standing ovations, but apparently not. I'm not sure this was quite as incredible as they made it out to be- individually they were great, but they weren't really as together as I thought they should be. But, it doesn't really matter. Jasmine's pretty much a lock for the finale.

Makenzie & All-Star Jakob - Broadway (Spencer Liff)
Beautiful, beautiful Makenzie. Why does America hate you!? :( Spencer Liff is becoming one of my favorite choreographers. And oh yes, another standing ovation. Now I just feel awkward for Amy and Hayley. Even if she's safe tonight, I'm afraid she'd undeservedly end up right back in the bottom again. I don't get it!

Nico & All-Star Comfort - Hip-hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
Well, the judges stayed seated for Nico, but I actually really enjoyed seeing this other side of Nico. I didn't know he had this in him! I thought he might be horrible at this kind of hip-hop dancing, and he wasn't. But why don't the judges praise that as much as they would, for example, Fik-Shun dancing contemporary or ballrooom?

Tucker & All-Star Robert - Contemporary (Travis Wall)
Umm, serious goosies. This was a very special performance. I don't really know the story behind Travis and his brother Danny, and I only vaguely recall hearing about Robert being in a car accident but didn't realize how serious it was. Robert has been in some very special dances on this show. This standing ovation was certainly well-deserved and there is no way the judges can send Tucker home now. I hope he thanks Travis and Robert for making sure he sticks around at least another week.

The Elimination:
I'm with you, Uncle Nigel. I'm puzzled as to how my favorite girls end up in the bottom every week. I am super bummed that Makenzie is off the show, although I am happy for Jenna. Tucker over Nico, like I just said, was a pretty obvious selection at this point.

Favorite Performance:
Absolutely, Tucker and Robert.

The Girls:
  1. Jenna Johnson
  2. Jasmine Harper
  3. Amy Yakima
  4. Hayley Erbert

The Boys:
  1. Paul Karmiryan
  2. Aaron Turner
  3. Tucker Knox
  4. Fik-Shun

Who Should Go Home:
I'm going with the two gals who failed to get standing ovations: Amy and Hayley. For the boys, Fik-Shun and... sigh. I guess Paul might be the forgotten one out of the other three. Hayley and Fik-Shun will go home.