SYTYCD Season 10: Top 8 Recap (Top 6 Announced!)

Tonight's guest judge is Jenna Elfman- I didn't understand at first, but had no idea she was quite the dancer! How about that. This week, the All-Stars choreographed their performances, which makes me both excited (to see their talent) and nervous (because Uncle Nigel is sometimes hard on choreographers).

You can count on wardrobe & makeup to mess with Cat Deeley at least once during the season, and tonight's the night. I am not liking her slicked back hair, heavy eye makeup (she is too pretty for all that) and the weird pantsuit thing.

Not a suprise to see Hayley in the bottom for the first time, as she was completely overshadowed by Twitch last week. But man, I guess people really don't like Jenna. Poor girl. She's just misunderstood! Girl brought it home with her solo though, so it'll be interesting to see if the judges pick the dancer who keeps ending up in the bottom or the one there for the first time. I am a surprised to see Tucker in the bottom two after that special dance last week, but overall probably deserves to be there, as does Fik-Shun. 

How much is there to say about these dancers at this point? They are all amazing, any single one of them could win it all.

Aaron & All-Star Chelsie - Jive
Chelsie Hightower! She's a bigger star now than most (all?) of the winners, isn't she? Anyway, was it technically perfect for Aaron? I guess not, although I didn't notice quite as many things wrong as the judges did. I thought he was great as usual and should have no problem making it to the finale.

Fik-Shun & All-Star Allison - Contemporary
Part of me wishes we would have seen Allison partnered with a stronger contemporary dancer, because she is so amazing. But, she proved to be a smart choreographer and let Fik-Shun show off his strengths within the style.

Tucker & All-Star Courtney - Jazz
I love Courtney for incorporating all those lifts and tosses! I can't believe she's able to dance like that with MS. I'm not sure it was enough to save Tucker, but at least he'll always have that moment with Robert from last week.

Paul & All-Star Comfort - Hip-hop
This seemed like a really odd pairing and I was honestly worried for Paul- but I should have had more faith! I love this kid.

Hayley & All-Star Dmitry - Rumba
I enjoyed this, but was there really a whole lot of rumba-ing in this rumba? Oh. Apparently there was, and I don't really know what the international something or other rumba is. Dmitry Hayley looked incredible. 

Jenna & All-Star Mark - Jazz
How deliciously weird is Mark?! I love this quote: "I want to pull inspiration from so many different places that it's just an explosion of (pause) my head." And it absolutely was. Wow. I'm so glad he and Lady Gaga found each other. I hope he just saved Jenna. She deserves it, you guys!!!

Jasmine & All-Star Twitch - Hip-hop
A superhero dance! Of course I love it. Although, I don't love it more than the weird Mark dance. It wasn't a standout moment necessarily, but Jasmine will sail through to the finale so no worries there.

Amy & All-Star Travis - Contemporary
We already know Travis Wall is a beautiful choreographer, so it was fun to see him dance again for a change! And was it just me or was he channeling Ryan Atwood tonight? I was pretending they were Ryan Atwood & Marissa Cooper. And I mean this all in an amazing way. This was beautiful.

In case anyone is wondering, only two standing ovations tonight (Jenna & Mark, Amy & Travis).

The Elimination:
I'm bummed that the judges didn't save Jenna again- I thought her solo and the weird Mark dance would have done it for her- but I get it. And sending Tucker home over Fik-Shun isn't surprising either. I get both decisions. It's just an all around bummer at this point.

Favorite Performance:
I'm a sucker for superheroes and loved the Ryan & Marissa nostalgia (was it all in my head?), but I gotta give it to Jenna and Mark and all that amazing weirdness.

The Girls:
  1. Jasmine Harper
  2. Amy Yakima
  3. Hayley Erbert

The Boys:
  1. Paul Karmiryan
  2. Aaron Turner
  3. Fik-Shun

Who Should Go Home:
The easiest call of the last few weeks- Hayley and Fik-Shun. Jasmine, Amy, Paul and Aaron deserve to be in the finale.